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The test of courage comes when we are in the minority.
The test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hi to my abandoned blog!

I wonder if anyone still come here and take a look? 
I used to blog EVERY SINGLE DAY, not now anymore.

Life is still so awesome, and I realise that as I get older I get easily contented with things I've, which is a good thing isn't it? and it's already 2013 my dear! And, I'll be turning 24 this year april! WHAT!? MAD OLD alreadyyyyyy. :(

Well,  I've so many plans ahead for this entire year! Getting busy and busier for my apparel shop, and plans to start up the skincare I had wanted to since last June! By hook or by crook, I'll have to get it done this year! :D If all is good, I shall put aside my apparel shop already, and concentrate on the skincare~ clothes business is not easy, really. BUT so far I did not made any loss. I wouldn't allow it to happen! ^^

CNY is coming!
Do drop by FAR EAST PLAZA #01-33 , APRIL26 for new dresses!

Just wanna say, I hope I'll have a good year ahead.
So far so good :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sometimes pondering this amount of money, how many chanel + miumiu + prada + lv my babies I can buy.

I'm a pauper right now, okay for the time being. Lol. It takes alot of courage alright! For you to have that amount of $, then reduced to almost nothing, all for your dreams!

Nonetheless, promised myself I'll earn them back tenfolds! & I've confidence in myself!

Now wishing & hoping they will approve my renovation ASAP so as not to waste rental fees. Po pi po pi ah!

Do give me your support okay!
Yes, my retail boutique.
Far East Plaza #01-33

details of opening will be announced soon!


With love,

Sunday, March 4, 2012

yay! i'm back from BKK, again! :)
my annual shopping trip hehe.
2 couples~

this time round i didnt stay in baiyoke sky as i would every year.
and this hotel is SO GREAT! ^^

love bargaining and shop till we drop with wanling! is REALLY totally 0% battery flat kind!
have never ever shopped like this before even if i shopped alot during previous trips. we shall head there again, next time w/o our bfs cos they've got nothing to do there LOL. and our luggages over-weighed! we tried all means and ways to get loopholes into escaping excess baggage. phew. regretted not getting 20kg each instead of 2 person 20kg when nk and wl did it. so last min me and bf can only buy up to 15kg at the airport. ):


looking forward to my shop's opening in APRIL! :D
details will be out soon! finally i'm fulfilling my all along dream since i was 17!
been procrastinating way too long, but still it's a good thing to get those days to save up $!
it's really really not a joke. besides rental there're so much $ to be forked out even before renovation. i'm so excited!

omg. but seeing those digits i can seriously FAINT any sooner.

alright! i just had my tomyum noodles, like 1/4 of it only?
i miss tom yum goong everytime i come back ):

stay tune!